Deck of Cards

Pick a card - any card! Get a fresh new idea for your next article, in fact at least 52 fresh ideas, with the EzineArticles Deck of Cards.

Functioning like your ordinary playing cards, the EzineArticles Deck of Cards is far from ordinary. Each playing card features an original article template to help you write your next article.

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Includes Deck of Cards & Bonus Video

What's in the Deck of Cards?

  • 52 EzineArticles Article Template Playing Cards ($40 value)
    - Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping
  • Bonus "Using Templates to Quickly Generate Articles" Video
    - Instant access!

What can the Deck of Cards do for you?

With over 50 templates to kick start hundreds of article ideas, the EzineArticles Deck of Cards makes article writing easier for you. By handing you the structure to every article, each template will inspire several article ideas that will give you the power to build your article portfolio fast. The more quality, informative articles you write, the more exposure and traffic you'll receive!

Take the guesswork out of writing articles and conquer some of the more challenging aspects of great article writing in less time with EzineArticles' fun and easy-to-carry Deck of Cards.

"The EzineArticles Deck of Cards article template package is absolutely fantastic! Any article marketer should, without any doubt, have them. They have given my brain a new injection of ideas and made my job so much easier."
- John Highman,