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Christopher M. Knight, Your Article Writing Coach

Christopher M. Knight
Article Writing Coach

Do you need to:

  • figure out how to produce more articles in less time?

  • figure out how to sell more products via your articles?

  • master the basics of article writing for syndication and marketing?

  • identify new article content sources?

  • get a higher return from your existing articles?

  • acquire more email subscribers from your articles?

  • troubleshoot why your article marketing campaign is not working?
You may have already heard about the power of article writing, marketing and syndication as a strategy to grow your business, traffic and leads ... but it's not always as easy to execute as it seems.

I've personally reviewed over 25,000+ articles that were submitted to our site and oversaw an additional 75,000+ articles that were sent in by thousands of authors ... and let me tell you, there are clearly authors who "get it" vs. those who "struggle" to comprehend the basics of how to use articles to grow their business.

I'm in a unique position because I'm able to review and drill into the stats that over 1 million articles produce in terms of traffic and results. And, I want to help you get a short-cut to many of the insights that I know will make it easier for you to benefit from your existing and future articles!

There are clear formulas being used by a very small percentage of the authors who write articles to drive leads and traffic. In this 72-minute workshop, you'll be able to spot the trends, gain the knowledge advantage and grab key insights to help you take your ROI on article writing and marketing to the next level.

I've nailed down the best practices for writing articles in a production environment and now you can leverage these secrets for your business. I'll walk you through it step by step.

The good news? You don't have to read tens of thousands of articles like I did to know which article formula will be best for you.

... Chris KNOWS article marketing!

I've been reading Christopher Knight's ezine and blog for a long time -- and Chris KNOWS article marketing! If article marketing is one of your online strategies (and if it isn't, it should be!) then you'll want to hear from Chris on all the ins and outs - before you spend a lot of time putting the wrong ingredients in your articles!

Terri Zwierzynski

Your training session (phone and Internet) was great.

I really appreciated the organization that went into it and would definitely attend another. Lots of new ideas were presented that I will definitely use.

Susan Klopfer

... Thanks for the great teleseminar on articles!

It was chock full of practical and useful info. and tips on how to be prolific yet provide quality writing and original content at the same time. Thanks again!

Kathryn Bechen

Thanks for giving me a "boot."

I had one article with for the past couple of months. After listening to your teleseminar I immediately began writing those mini-articles that were in my notes and head. I have submitted 10 articles as of today now for a total of 11 articles.

What did it for me was your comment that "86% never get past the first article or two (that was me). I did not want to be in that category. Thanks for giving me a "boot."

Joan Clout-Kruse

You will discover:

How to crank up the traffic your articles can generate for your website(s).

The 1 secret that 14% of authors know that the other 86% don't.

7 Article Content Sources you may have overlooked.

An article idea generator that will help you plow through any slow creativity periods.

Article writing production mistakes newbies make that you must avoid.

How to double your article inventory in 90 days or less.

3 simple article templates to help you begin your article production mentality.

Strategies to track your article writing production.

Where you should be submitting your articles (my 3 tier approach).

Helping you identify which topics get the most interest so you can focus your time better.

The basics of keyword research and when to, and not to, use it with your articles.

Mistakes that far too many authors make in the RESOURCE BOX that ruins their results.

How to convert readers of your articles into traffic.

Article title mistakes to avoid and strategies to test.

How to be a white hat article writer and be a good net citizen to the search engines.

Should you worry about the duplicate content penalty or not?

What you should know about 3rd party article submission software.

How you can double or triple your article production even if you are already an expert.

What the ideal length is for an article and which length gets a higher distribution.

Article format basics, length, font attributes, etc.

An example of a highly optimized and effective resource box.

Ways to manage multiple brands or topics that you write articles about.

... and insider article secrets from the Editorial Team


You inspired me

I am sure that you don't need another e-mail, but want you to know how excellent the Teleseminar was - I do attend many and yours was tops! I should have my first 10 articles ready to submit by tomorrow - you inspired me.

Chris King

... teleseminar that was truly priceless.

I got more good information from your ... Article Writing Teleseminar than I have from all the books I have purchased on the subject combined! Your tips were original, detailed, and exactly the information I was looking for as a writer. You even answered my question about what type articles get the highest distribution.

Melinda Anderson

It was the best teleseminar I've attended ...

I just want to say a huge "Thank You" for all the effort you put into the call. I got so much out of it - and I learned how much I still have to learn. I am using your site (both the articles and your blog) as my place to learn. Thanks again. Please know that all your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Judy of Life on Purpose Institute

I just wanted to say that the teleconference tonight was EXCELLENT!

I was very impressed. I really learned A LOT from you and Wally! I think the part about the article templates was the most useful for me.

Robin St. Louis

You get much more than you pay for as with any production by Chris Knight, along with my 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Fast Action Bonus #1:
"Market Yourself With Articles"

"Market With Articles" is a $39 training product created by Cathy Stucker and Chris Knight designed to help you even if you believe you can't write ... you will learn how to write short articles that can create more results than very expensive advertising campaigns ever will!

This bonus is yours free when you order today:

  1. A downloadable MP3 copy of the 60 minute AUDIO RECORDING.

  2. A complete 5 pages of Chris Knight's personal notes via PDF instant download.

  3. The complete 21 page transcript via PDF instant download.

Fast Action Bonus #2:
"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Professionals Make When Writing for the Web"

"The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Professionals Make When Writing for the Web" is a short course with Dr. Pauline Wallin and Chris Knight. Designed to help highly-skilled and/or highly-educated experts find a way to communicate more effectively and with greater results when writing and producing quality original articles and content for the web. It's a $27 value!!

This second bonus is yours free when you order today:

  1. A downloadable MP3 copy of the 37-minute AUDIO RECORDING.

  2. A complete 7 page transcription of the course.

YES! Both of these Fast Action Bonuses come to you for free when you invest in the Article Production Strategies product below. It's my way of making sure you get way more than you paid for so that you can create the article writing and marketing ROI faster!


Fast Action Bonus #3:
"The Fine Art of Article Marketing"

Recently EzineArticles Expert Author Kendall Summerhawk interviewed Christopher Knight (me) on some of the basics of article writing and marketing, key insights on areas to improve on, and dangers to avoid when optimizing any article marketing campaign. We had a blast producing this and I hope you enjoy it. If you're in need to return to the basics or just get a tune up, this quick interview is sure to help!

What you'll discover in this article marketing interview:

  • Basics of what syndication / distribution means
  • Components of ideal articles
  • Key insights how to optimize each component
  • Efficiency dangers to avoid at all costs
  • Resource box strategies to attract more traffic
  • Article rejects and review times
  • What the big dump theory is about
  • Article inventory and article agents concepts


Sign up today and you will receive:

  1. Full 72-minute MP3 audio recording of the live workshop.

  2. Full 30-page transcription of the "Article Production Strategies" workshop.

  3. A complete 5 page "cheat sheet" WITH ANSWERS in a downloadable PDF document.

  4. 45 questions asked by VIP guests from the live event and answered by Chris Knight in depth via a downloadable PDF document.

  5. Bonus: Supplemental 50-minute downloadable MP3 of Chris Knight giving 45 answers to the most pressing questions regarding article marketing.

  6. Fast Action Bonus #1: The Complete "Market With Articles" MP3 audio seminar with PDF transcripts and notes! ($39 value)

  7. Fast Action Bonus #2: "The 7 Biggest Mistakes That Professionals Make When Writing for the Web" MP3 audio class with PDF transcripts ($27 value)

  8. Fast Action Bonus #3: "The Fine Art of Article Marketing" MP3 audio with PDF transcripts and Knight's private notes ($19 value)

What's this article writing/syndication solution worth to you?

Just 30 minutes of consulting with me would run you about $500. I've put this package together to be valued at least $197+, and because I wanted this information to be easy to access, I've packaged the digital version for only $97 USD $77! This way, you have no excuse not to get your traffic and sales up from your article writing & marketing efforts!

Just one tip or insight alone could boost the lead generation and traffic potential of your existing article content. This *IS* all about attracting qualified visitors to your website by sharing your expertise via syndicated articles. Many of these strategies I've never revealed to the public before, so don't miss out.

You will discover how you can leverage my experience as I show you how you can duplicate my success in article writing and marketing to produce website traffic results you may not have known were even possible.

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Your teleconference gave me the confidence to move forward and start writing.

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding teleconference you put on last night. I have just started thinking about writing articles and know their importance to growing my business. I didn't quite understand what they were all about until last night. Thanks for the outstanding information and suggestions.

Dani Montoya

Christopher, I continue to be inspired by you, your knowledge and your generosity of spirit.

The information you gave us this evening (or this morning for some of us) is priceless and your style of delivery makes technical terms easy to understand and apply. The EzineArticles site is a fabulous resource, but I think the icing on the cake has to be the very personalized coaching services you supply to all of us budding authors. I, for one, am truly grateful.


Using your techniques I easily see how to triple my article production.

Outstanding call Chris! You not only gave me no-fluff, hard-hitting information but you inspired me as well. I'm shooting for 100 articles in the next 90 days!


... thanks for issuing the challenge, and the step-by-step instructions on how to actually do it!

I really enjoyed your teleseminar the other night. I picked up some more info and tips that will help me pump out more articles and make my article marketing efforts more effective. I intend to take on your challenge of doubling my articles in 90 days, beginning in January. So thanks for issuing the challenge, and the step-by-step instructions on how to actually do it!

Debbie LaChusa

Boy, are you ever fun to listen to!

Your mind is so swift and your delivery so fluent there is no way I could have taken notes anyway. So, I printed it all out but want to hear it as I read it. Thank you for the helpful material. You are so generous and it is so obvious you do it for the love of doing it for us. I look forward to being able to give back in the same way. I really appreciate you and trust your good advice.

Elaine Ness

Yes, Chris - I'd like to discover how to crank up my article writing production so that I can rack up more traffic, leads, and sales from my existing and soon-to-be-written content!

I understand that for only $77, I'll not only get the full MP3 audio recording of the 72 minute event, a full 30-page transcription of the live event, and the 5 page cheat sheet with answers to help me follow along, but I'll also get a downloadable PDF document of the 45 best questions asked by fellow article authors like myself regarding how to make the most of article writing as a strategy and I'll also get a 50-minute downloadable MP3 of those 45 Q&A's so that I can listen to this key information whenever I want. I'll have the information I need to really crank up the results that my existing articles or content can produce and save time in the future as I continue to leverage article writing and marketing to grow my business.

Click Here Now To Get Your Instant Downloads

Note: $77 USD is a promotional price being offered during the launch of this training product. The smart few who learn from me first should be rewarded for seizing the moment and acting fast vs. those who sit idle on the sidelines and wait. Life rewards action. The price will return to the normal $97 USD after the first 200 units are sold (could be soon as over 120 units have been acquired by new students since launch).

To your article writing and marketing success!
Christopher M. Knight
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PS: You've got nothing to lose because of my 100% personal satisfaction guaranteed policy and huge loads of traffic and qualified leads to gain by increasing the accuracy of using your content to create more results for your bottom line. Order your copy now.

PPS: Each client/student of mine usually has a different strategy to learn in order to take their business to the next level when it comes to leveraging articles to produce traffic, sales and qualified leads ... and that's why I loaded this easy to use course with over 100+ insights, some that should be considered the 'business basics' of article marketing and syndication and others that can only be summed as up "specialized knowledge" ... the kind of insider knowledge that leads to RESULTS! After all, this is the purpose of my course, to help you produce more results from your existing and soon-to-be-created article content! (Act on this insider information before your competitors do and I know you'll be rewarded! :-)

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